Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sadie Hawkings

As September came to a close, a noticable sound came to my ears. Sadies. Through the drama and clatter of Timpview High School there came one common saying, Sadie Hawkings. Sadies is a girl ask boy dance, but it is not a formal dance like Prom and Homecomming. I started to feel excited and looking forward to my first dance of my High School career. My excitment turned to disappointment when my long good time friend Annie Clark asked me to Sadies. My expectations were too high. Annie is not a bad person and I'm happy I got asked, but I wanted to go with somebody else first just to get the feel for things. Wants and needs apparently are different things. This dance for me is more of a nessecity than a want. I am determined to give Annie the best day of her life, even if it's something I did not want in the first place. It's time for me to forget about myself. It's time for me to give Annie what she deserves, a good date. Time to look on the bright side. Annie Clark>Haley Dobson any day. The only way you can conquer darkness is to bring light into the darkness.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Halo 3 and seminary

While i was day dreaming about the release of Halo 3 during seminary, I hardly knew what was going on, besides the fact that 18 out of the 33 seminary students were busily playing the Halo 3 campaign. I felt jealousy. After my day dream, I decided to actually pay attention in seminary and heard an interesting comment. My teachers was talking about Halo 3 and how those kinds of first-person shooters are gory and violent. I agree, but he said something that I don't agree with. He said we should run away from those games and people. The part i disagree with is the fact taht he is telling us to run away from something. Becoming fearful. As a strong member of the LDS church I know that fear is a trait of the devil. We, as a whole should not be fearful at all, in any circumstance. The LDS religion teaches us to not be fearful, but to set an example. This is where my teacher made a mistake. Running away helps for the short-term, but will come and bite you in the buttocks later on. My theory is we should set an example and instead of running away from a game or a movie you can stand up and say "I don't want to watch that" or I don't feel comfortable watching this or playing. I'm glad I didn't say this aloud, because I would've crucified my teacher. And on a happy note, Halo 3 is one of the best games that i've played in my life and it's dang fun :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ugg! Homework and Homecoming

As the first few weeks of school and also the last few weeks of summer go on by I get very depressed and go into a hormonal overload frenzy, but this year is different, instead I get to study and read for at least 2 hours a day and then take my daily 5:00PM nap. Days seem to start repeating themselves over and over again, but with one twist. Homecoming! I've realized that I can go to my first ever dance if I wanted to which I did until bad news came along. As a polite young man I am (at least I think I am) I should pay for my date and organize everything to make a successful homecoming experience for my date, but I don't have the money to do so. A few weeks ago my cell phone broke, my upgrade was up in a few months, but my dads upgrade was up so we were able to switch contracts and I was able to use his upgrade. I bought a new phone for myself that costed a good 130$. I now have a meezly 40$ left in my account. Then I thought why not transfer money from my savings to checking? No. My account is in a CD meaning I cannot withdraw money from my savings. Then I thought why not ask my parents for 50 bucks or so. Too bad. My Dad has started to do training for the new hired firemen in Park City. We as a family are loosing 1000$ a month, plus my mom just paid my brothers 1200$ school fees. Lesson I've learned is to be patient. I really wanted to ask Francesca to homecomming and I explained to her my complicated problem and luckily she was nice enough to forgive me and in return I will take her out on a date in the very near future. So after being so excited for homecoming it turned out to be a big dissapointment. At least there are more dances in the future.
Quote: "If life is so fair, why do roses have thorns?"- Tickle me Emo: Youtube

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Classes in review

First week has been awesome! I love most of my classes, I've met lots of people I didn't see all summer, although I met one today that I haven't seen in a while, but I regret it deeply.

Phisiology: Good class. It will be very hard, but I will learn how to study and I do have a few cool people in my class to make it interesting. Only problem it's first period ewwww. 4/5 stars

Seminary: Sucks. I have only like 3 kids in the class that I even want to talk to, let alone look at, lots of new faces and an OK teacher. 1.5/5 stars

Geo/trig Honors: Cool teacher and an ok class, lots of sophmores and one junior who I don't get along with very well. Teacher seems cool and laid back, but I don't like math very much. 3/5 stars

English Honors: This class is pure awesome, favorite class by far. I love Mrs. VanOrden and she may be related to me. She is very friendly and I have lots of good friends in that class. Lots of homework though. :( 4.5/5 stars

Marketing: Very few people I know in the class and the subject is kinda boring, but interesting. The teacher is VERY boring Mrs. Carter is quite monotone which makes the class more boring than it seems. 2.5/5 stars

Economics: Taught by the same teacher as marketing, but TONS better. I know TONS of people in the class and the subject is awesome. I love this class!! I can't wait for what we do later on in the school year! 4/5 stars

TA for AP Spanish: Pretty cool class, dropped out of AP and became TA for the same teacher and period. I know tons of people in the class and it will be fun being with one of my favorite teachers in the school. (we get along quite well) I do have one junior in particular though who I don't like very much, but with most of my friends in the class it kinda overcompensates. 4/5 stars

AP US History: White is awesome, my class is full of sophmores and there are only 5 juniors/seniors in the class. Amanda and Francesca are in it though which makes it all the better. Plus a whole bunch of kids in my ward are in it too. 4/5 stars

Over all rating 28.5/40 pretty good for a junior schedule.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First Day of Skewl!

After finishing up my homework for honors english and a long block day I've decided to post a blog. This week has so far been a roller coaster for me. I got my license yesterday, but I won't be "driving" between mid september and mid october. Also school started today and I'm very excited about my classes this year as well as being able to go out to lunch (oh yes!). I'm also excitied for my brother Jake who is now a freshman at Timpview(yay! go freshmen!). I hope this school year is a success for me, but also for all my friends. Albin0 out!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Friday, August 17, 2007


Self-Centeredness brings to me many bad experiences. According to Self-Centered means

  1. concerned solely or chiefly with one's own interests, welfare, etc.; engrossed in self; selfish; egotistical.
  2. independent, self-sufficient.
  3. centered in oneself or itself.
  4. Archaic. fixed; unchanging.

Self-Centeredness is a common personality trait. How come being self-centered is such an annoyance to me? I am not a selfish person, I get what I can get and earn what I want. I've never been told "you are the best" "you are the smartest" or any of this pish posh crap. My parents have taught me to be greatful for what I have and to care about other people and their interests.

I hate people who only care about themselves. I will bluntly say it. I hate it. There is a whole 5 and a half billion other people in this world. Do people really want to be around somebody who cares only for his/her self when people ion Africa are dieing of starvation? I think not. Now I ask myself this question: Why are so many poeple are self-centered pampered princes/princesses? Is it because they are wealthy and think they are better than other people? Is it from the pressures of living up to your parents expectations? Or is it because you think you don't neede anyone else in your life, your already smart/good/cool enough to live life happly for the rest of your life? I believe is a mixture of all of these questions. I am completely opposite of all those questions. I like how I am. I hate being pampered, I'm quite independent in that matter. I hate wealthy, snotty and stuck up people. (I have the misfortune to know a few around my neighborhood and my high school) I can't stand parents that think their kid is higher in any of these catergories: Academics, Socially, and being "well rounded".

After doing some research I've found being self-centered is good in some situations, but the way I've seen self-centeredness I'm very much against it. In my opinion we must accept everyone's opinions and not just consider yours as being "the best" or only listening to you, we must all listen and care for everyone and not just ourselves. The problem is we cannot just change sombody's personality. Life needs to go on and there are trials in life that we must just try and ignore and move on. Those are my two cents on self-centeredness. Albin0 out!